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On the 24th of October we open the doors to TechBrief for the 7th time in Stockholm at Arlanda Airport. The stage will be set for a content-packed 1-day event, where you will get to meet between 35-40 tier 1 editors from the Nordic tech, gaming and lifestyle media. 

Following the TechBrief tradition, the event constitutes two parts; a presentation block in the first part of the day followed by a TechBrief exhibition in the afternoon. This event structure has proven successful for seven years in a row.

The” customized” approach
Some brands prefer 30 minutes presentation time, others only need 10 minutes – some prefer large booths, others need less space for their products on display – some prefer a central spot, others are fine with a corner position.
Our “customized approach” means: 
  • Participation will be tailored to the individual brand. Instead of buying a “one size fits all” slot you choose between 3 different participation “packages”
  • You get what you need – and you only pay for that. Instead of getting (and paying) for a 30 minutes presentation slot you don’t need, you can choose 20 or 10 minutes (or none)
This year, we therefore, we introduce 3 different TechBrief packages, that participating brands can choose between.
Read more them in our TechBrief 2019 presentation here.
Want to sign up?
Book your slot today (there is a limited number of slots available available – and it is first come, first served) simply by emailing or calling one of us: 
Henrik Koch | Mail: | Mob: +45 2231 5930
Helle Jakobsen | Mail: | Mob: + 45 6060 8114
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