Statements from participating brands

NETGEAR participated in TechBrief in both 2014 and 2015. Related has managed to attract 40 editors from the Nordic countries, which is very impressive. The event is an effective way to reach out to a widespread press, refresh their product knowledge and open a discussion about our products.

- Lionel Paris, Director of Product Marketing, NETGEAR
TechBrief participant: 2014 & 2015 

TechBrief is a great and convenient way for us to meet with and present our products to many journalists at the same time. It strengthened our existing relationships and built new contacts with media we have not previously interacted with.

- Susanne Persson, Nordic PR Manager, LG Nordic
TechBrief participant: 2014 & 2015

TechBrief gives us a very good opportunity to meet several journalists at a relative short time frame, presenting our latest products and some info on products that will be released within the next few months. 

- Stefan Dahlquist, Managing Director, BenQ Nordic
TechBrief participant: 2013, 2014 & 2015

TechBrief is a great way to get in touch with the Nordic media. Related managed to get a lot of tier 1 editors to the event - both from big well-known publications but also new ones that we did not now before, which mean that we got to broaden the group of journalist that we can work with.

- Fredric Suarez, Distribution Manager TP-Link,
 TechBrief participant: 2016

TechBrief allows us to target all the key Nordic journalists from four countries in just two days. The fact that it is held in one location and in the airport, reduces the amount of time spend – and footwork for us. The event format is relaxed and allows for personal contact with journalists without the hectic atmosphere that the big trade shows offer.

-  Darragh O'Toole, Marketing Manager at SanDisk
TechBrief participant: 2014, 2015 & 2016

A selection of brands that have participated in TechBrief:

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