All brands that have signed up for full participation (Exclusive package) will have up to 30 minutes of dedicated speaking time towards attending press in the first part the day. Basic packages include 10 minutes presentation time. The presentation is an opportunity for you to deliver your key messages while you have the full attention of the editors.  

We encourage you to focus on your newest and most exiting products and technologies. In the afternoon, there will be plenty of time for editors to visit your booth for more info, talk to you about your products, see them first hand and maybe get a review sample.

Do you need inspiration? Here are 6 tips for effective presentations.

IMPORTANT DEADLINE:  All presenting brands must hand in their final presentation (format: PowerPoint) no later than 8:00 AM on the event day, October 24th.

This will allow us to have everything settled and ready for the event and to prepare TechBrief USB sticks for editors before the event starts.