Updated brand list and final agenda

A week before TechBrief 2017 kicks off we are happy to announce the final event agenda and confirm that 9 brands will be present at the event – and at least 38 editors spanning 28 Nordic media.

TechBrief 2017 is taking place next week, and we can now proudly announce the updated brand list. This year’s brand list consists of 9 strong brands: all are well-known for their consumer tech products.

This year’s participating brands are:

  • LG
  • TP-Link
  • Cooler Master
  • Ben Q
  • Wacom
  • Creative / SoundblasterX
  • Kingston / Hyper X
  • Blue
  • Acer

The brands will give an exciting 20 minute presentation about new products or technologies or other tech-related stuff, and the rest of the day is dedicated toto interesting dialogue and networking with leading brands and media within the tech field. You can check out the updated TechBrief 2017 agenda here.

At the moment we have conformation from 38 Nordic tech editors, spanning 28 media, so every brand has great opportunity for coverage. We expect conformation from more editors this week, and the final media list will be announced a couple of days ahead of the event.

We will be posting more news about TechBrief on this blog.