Six tips for effective TechBrief presentations

At TechBrief, some brands get to present to the crowd of editors. This is a unique opportunity for you to deliver a relevant brief about your brand's hottest, coolest and most innovative products and technologies.

During previous TechBrief events we have had the pleasure to attend several brand presentations. Based on the editors’ reactions and feedback, we’ve compiled six tips that may help you prepare an awesome TechBrief presentation:


1. Get to the point

The agenda is closely packed at TechBrief, and you've been allocated either ten minutes to present (Basic slots) or 15, 20 or 30 minutes (Exclusive slots). Be aware of how much time you've asked for and make the most of your time!

  • A ten minute time slot means that you need to get to the point. There is not enough time to tell about all your products and technologies, so you must choose the most important things to focus on. It is our experience that in the end this results in spot-on presentations that are more relevant to the listeners.
  • If you have longer presentation slots, on the other hand, you can afford to get more into detail and perhaps show more of your product range. If you've asked for 30 minutes, use them.

2. Cut the (company) crap

However tempting it may be to kick off with an entire company presentation, try to avoid it. Editors are eager to hear about your newest products and technologies - not about market shares and number of employees. Of course, you can start by presenting your brand - but keep it short and sweet! Remember that the editors already know your brand; otherwise they would not have showed up. 

3. Focus on your audience

As you prepare your presentation, keep in mind that your audience consists of journalists, not customers. Skip the sales pitch and marketing phrases when presenting your products and technologies; tell them what your technologies and products can do to solve a problem, make everyday life a bit easier, etc. but leave the superlatives at home. 

4. Skip the long slideshows

Avoid hurrying through comprehensive company slideshows. You will most likely not make it (we will stop you when the next brand presentation is up). If you try to tell it all, you risk telling nothing because you will lose the attention of your audience. As a rule of thumb, we advise ten slides in twenty minutes.

5. Show - Don’t (just) tell

During a few hours the journalists will be listening to many presentations. That is a lot to take in at once, so think of how you can add other elements to your presentation than speech. For example, if your product can stand a drop test, prove it by smashing it through the room (just don’t hit anyone); it will take your audience by surprise and make you stand out.

6. Tease them

In the presentation room you only have a set period of time with the editors, but when the TechBrief exhibition opens after lunch you will have a whole afternoon with them. You will have plenty of time to delve into discussions and present your products (also those that you didn't have time to mention during the presentation). We encourage you to think of the presentation as a teaser, where you can get the attention of the editors and spark their interest to visit your booth. 

Good luck!