TechBrief 2016 was a great success

By related | 18 Oct 2016

The brand line-up was the strongest ever and over 40 editors participated when TechBrief kicked off for the 4th time in Stockholm last week. Close to the terminals of Arlanda, the stage was set for editors to be presented with the newest products and technologies within the world of consumer electronics.

On October 11th and October 12th the conference rooms at Radisson in Arlanda Airport were once again filled with the very special TechBrief atmosphere. The time had come for the biggest tech press event in the Nordics to take place for the 4th time.

Editors from all the Nordic countries flew in to a content packed day where the participating brands each delivered a 20-minute presentation – the brief – to the attending press. After lunch the TechBrief product exhibition opened with exiting product demonstrations, trend discussions and product tests coordination.
TechBrief was – just like the years before – held over the course of two days; on the first day representatives from the Danish and Norwegian tech and lifestyle media were participating, on day two, Swedish and Finnish editors were invited.

Strongest line-up ever
2016 came to be the year with the strongest TechBrief line-up of brands to date. The line-up counted both brands that had participated at previous TechBriefs such as BenQ, Razer and SanDisk; yet also debutants such as TP-Link and Blue Microphones took part in this year’s event.

This resulted in record high editor attendance.

– During two days 45 Nordic editors visited TechBrief. We are happy to see that both brands and editors are supporting TechBrief year after year, and this merely confirms that TechBrief is a solid event concept that is of value to all parties, says Related CEO, Henrik Koch.

Less footwork for brands
Also the participating brands seemed satisfied with the event:

– TechBrief allows us to target all the key Nordic journalists from four countries in just two days. The fact that it is held in one location and in the airport reduces the amount of time spend – and footwork for us. The event format is relaxed and allows for personal contact with journalists without the hectic atmosphere that the big trade shows offer, explains Darragh O’Toole, who is Marketing Manager at SanDisk and participated at TechBrief for the third time.



Two weeks till TechBrief kicks off

By related | 29 Sep 2016

With only two weeks till TechBrief 2016 kicks off in Stockholm we are proud to announce the strongest line-up ever, counting some of the biggest international tech brands.

Recently, Logitech and Western Digital joined the group of consumer tech brands that will be present at TechBrief, so attending press will get to meet:

  • Western Digital
  • Logitech
  • BenQ
  • TP-Link
  • Blue Microphones
  • Kingston/ HyperX
  • Creative
  • Razer
  • SanDisk

This means that there will be lots of exciting new product launches, technology deep dives and great opportunities for networking and review coordination.

The TechBrief team is looking forward to seeing both brands and editors in Stockholm for a content packed day in the name of consumer tech.

TechBrief_all brand logo_new



6 Tips for Effective TechBrief Presentations

By related | 12 Aug 2016

At TechBrief, full-slot brands get to deliver a 20 minute presentation – “the brief” – to the crowd of editors. 20 minutes isn’t much. But we know from experience that it is just enough to cut to the bone and deliver a relevant brief about the hottest, coolest and most innovative products and technologies.
During previous TechBrief events we have had the pleasure to attend several great presentations. We have observed the editor’s reactions and received their feedback afterwards. Based on this we have compiled 6 tips that may help you when wrapping up your TechBrief presentation. 

1. Get to the point
A TechBrief presentation is only 20 minutes for two reasons: First of all TechBrief is a one-day event for the editors, meaning that the agenda is closely packed; there is simply not time for longer presentations. Second, and most importantly, the time limit forces the presenter to get to the point. There is not enough time to tell about all your products and technologies, so you must choose the most important thing/s to focus on. It is our experience that in the end this results in spot-on presentations that are more relevant to the listeners – and have a greater chance of making the headlines.

2. Cut the (company) crap
However tempting it may be to kick off your 20 minutes with the entire company presentation, try to avoid it. Editors are eager to hear about your newest products and technologies – not about market shares and number of employees. Of course you can start by presenting your brand but keep it short! Remember that the editors already know your brand; otherwise they would not have showed up.

3. Focus on your audience
As you prepare your presentation, you should keep in mind that your audience consists of editors, not customers. Skip the sales pitch and marketing phrases; tell them what your technologies and products can do to solve a problem, make everyday life a bit easier, etc. but leave the superlatives to the editors.

When delivering presentations at customer events, sales events etc. you might want to include media quotes in your slides. At TechBrief you speak to the editors and they don’t want to hear about what other editors think; they want to form their own opinions by testing your products.

4. Skip the long slideshows
You should avoid trying to hurry through comprehensive company slideshows when you deliver your 20 minutes presentation because you will most likely not make it (and we will stop you after 20 minutes). If you try to tell all you risk telling nothing because you will lose the attention of your audience. As a rule of thumb we advise ten slides in twenty minutes.

5. Show – Don’t (just) tell
During a few hours editors will listen in on no less than eight presentations of 20 minutes each. That is a lot to take in at once, so think of how you can add other elements to your presentation than speech. For example if your product can stand a drop test, prove it by smashing it through the room (just don’t hit anyone); it will take your audience by surprise and make you stand out.

6. Tease them
In the presentation room you only have 20 minutes with the editors, but when the TechBrief exhibition opens after lunch you will have a whole afternoon with them. Here you will have plenty of time to delve into discussions and to present your products (also those that you did not have time to touch upon during the presentation). Therefore we encourage you to think of the presentation as a teaser, where you can grasp the attention of the editors and encourage them to visit your booth.

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