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By related | 11 Mar 2019
On the 24th of October we open the doors to TechBrief for the 7th time in Stockholm at Arlanda Airport. The stage will be set for a content-packed 1-day event, where you will get to meet between 35-40 tier 1 editors from the Nordic tech, gaming and lifestyle media. 
Following the TechBrief tradition, the event constitutes two parts; a presentation block in the first part of the day followed by a TechBrief exhibition in the afternoon. This event structure has proven successful for seven years in a row. 

The” customized” approach

Some brands prefer 30 minutes presentation time, others only need 10 minutes – some prefer large booths, others need less space for their products on display – some prefer a central spot, others are fine with a corner position. 

Our “customized approach” means:

  • Participation will be tailored to the individual brand. Instead of buying a “one size fits all” slot you choose between 3 different participation “packages”
  • You get what you need – and you only pay for that. Instead of getting (and paying) for a 30 minutes presentation slot you don’t need, you can choose 20 or 10 minutes (or none)

This year, we therefore introduce 3 different “TechBrief packages”, that participating brands can choose between: Exclusive, Basic and Budget. 

Read more here.

Want to sign up?

Book your slot today (there is a limited number of slots available – and it is first come, first served) simply by emailing or calling one of us: 
Henrik Koch | Mail: | Mob: +45 2231 5930
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Great video coverage from TechBrief 2018

By related | 02 Nov 2018

It has been a few weeks since TechBrief 2018 took place in Arlanda, Stockholm. After the event, attending press left the airport filled with input on new exiting products and technologies from participating brands – and many of them with great video footage from the event…

This year, several media were doing interviews and recording video on-site – and now we start to see the results of it.

To see the videos and relive the great TechBrief atmosphere, visit:


We will keep our eyes open for more TechBrief coverage in the weeks and months to come – and we encourage all brands that participated at TechBrief to do the same:-)


The sixth TechBrief success is over

By related | 15 Oct 2018
On the 11th of October TechBrief was held for the 6th year in a row – and for the 4th time in the heart of Arlanda Airport in the conference rooms at Radisson Blu SkyCity. Like last year, TechBrief was held as a 1-day event, and a strong line-up of 9 international consumer tech brands met with no less than 40 tech and lifestyle editors from the four Nordic countries.
According to the TechBrief tradition, the day started with 20-minute presentations from each brand – the so-called “brief” – where editors were updated on new products and technologies from participating brands. So, excitement was great when the doors after lunch opened to the product exhibition and the editors finally got their hands on the products which the brand representatives had been teasing about all morning.
At the exhibition, editors got to try the newest gamings peripherals such as headsets and mice, have a close look at new cooling products and mother cards, explore the newest products within networking technologies, explore how intelligent light can throw thousands of colors around the room – and much more. The line-up for this year’s TechBrief counted both newcomers and experienced TechBrief brands, and when the last editor boarded his flight back home after the event, satisfaction was easy to track amongst brands:
– TechBrief is a great way to meet a wide audience of editors in short time. The set-up is good and very time effective for us, says Pål Vatneberg, Nordic Country Manager for NETGEAR, who participated at TechBrief for the third time.
Also the editors were satisfied with the outcome of TechBrief:
– TechBrief is a melting pot where you get it all served at once. It is a great opportunity to become updated on the latest news and to coordinate product test for the fall, says John Alex Hvidlykke, who is editor at the Danish tech media Lyd og Billede, which also has sister sites and magazines in Norway and Sweden.
At TechBrief, seeds were planted for interesting news articles and reviews this fall – so keep an eye on the participating media’s news feeds the upcoming weeks and months – we sure will do too.
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SteelSeries onboard for this year’s TechBrief

By related | 18 Sep 2018

While we are counting the days until TechBrief 2018 kicks off in Stockholm Arlanda Airport, we received the fantastic news last week that also SteelSeries will join the event with their cool gaming peripherals.

With SteelSeries on board, the line-up for this year’s event now counts 10 top brands within gaming and consumer electronics.

More than 30 editors have already signed up, and we are in dialogue with many others – and they can all look forward to an eventful day when the doors to TechBrief 2018 open on October 11.

The brands that we proudly present this year are:

lneup 2018

TechBrief 2018 countdown has begun…

By related | 03 Aug 2018

The summer is at it’s peak – and so is the planning of this year’s TechBrief event, which takes place on October 11th in Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. This year, we are thrilled to present a strong brand lineup counting both “experienced” TechBrief participants and newcomers:

• Acer
• Cooler Master
• Kingston Technology
• HyperX
• Blue Microphones
• RAVPower

… and we are in the closing phase with other exiting brands – so stay tuned! The final list will of course be revealed later.
When the doors to TechBrief opens, around 40 consumer tech media from all Nordic countries can look forward to a content packed one-day event with exiting product launches, new technologies and great networking.

The TechBrief team is looking forward to welcome both brands and media! 

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Register for TechBrief 2018 NOW – and get a 15% discount!

By related | 16 Mar 2018

On Thursday October 11th, 2018 TechBrief will open for the 6th time in Stockholm at Arlanda Airport.

The registration for participating brands opens today, and all brands that sign up before May 1st get a special Early Bird discount.

So, make sure to secure your seat now. There are only 8 full slots available.

The participation fee is EUR 7,000 but brands that sign up before May 1st, 2018 will get a 15% Early Bird discount making the fee only EUR 5,950.


Large-scale one-day event
Based on input from last year’s participants, TechBrief 2018 will once again be held as a one-day event to increase the value of time for brand representatives. The concept remains the same – a day of great networking with a minimum of 35 Nordic tier 1 editors. All practical matters are taken care of by the TechBrief team; you just have to pick your focus and show up.

Individual presentation + joint exhibition
In the first part of the day (10-12.30) each brand will have the full attention of the attending press during a 20 minutes presentation (no other brands are allowed access), and in the afternoon the TechBrief product exhibition opens. Here you will get to deliver exiting product demonstrations, and to delve into interesting face-to-face discussions with editors and coordinate samples for reviews and articles.

Exhibition only?
It’s possible to participate only at the TechBrief product exhibition in the afternoon. There are 4 exhibition-only slots available at the price of EUR 4500 EUR. The Early Bird discount also applies to exhibition-only-slots (reduced price: EUR 3,825).

Read more about the upcoming TechBrief here – or book your slot simply by emailing or calling either one of us:

Henrik Koch | Mail: | Mob: +45 2231 5930
Trine Abild | Mail: | Mob: + 45 6155 5869

TechBrief 2017 is successfully over

By related | 18 Oct 2017

TechBrief was held last Thursday, 12th October 2017, and was yet again a great success! A total of 40 editors and 9 brands travelled to Arlanda Airport in Stockholm to attend the 5th TechBrief. The participating brands presented and showed off various consumer tech products, and editors from all over the Nordic interviewed the brand representatives and explored the products. 










TechBrief 2017 is now over, and what an interesting and fun day! The day began with the participating brands giving a 20-minute presentation to the participating editors. The brands both presented new and existing products as well as new tendencies within the tech field.

After the presentations the brands got to show their products at the joint exhibition, while the editors got to network with the brand representatives, make interviews and have a closer look at the showcased products. The showcased products ranged cases, mothercards, drawing products, USB bolts, wifi extenders, keyboards, tvs and laptops… We also enjoyed watching Acer’s caricaturist draw the participants.      

As something new, TechBrief was this year held as a one-day event instead of a two-day event, and it was a great success. The exhibition space was bigger, but the intimate atmosphere was maintained and there was still enough time to talk to everyone.

Not only was TechBrief an interesting day for us at Related, brands and key media also got to network and arrange reviews. The great editor appearance bear witness that more coverage about TechBrief and the participating brands will come, so keep an eye on the participating media news feed the upcoming weeks – we sure will do too.

So far has made a great overview of the highlights from each brand (in Danish) – read it here, and has published a video reportage about TechBrief – see it here.

Updated brand list and final agenda

By related | 03 Oct 2017

A week before TechBrief 2017 kicks off we are happy to announce the final event agenda and confirm that 9 brands will be present at the event – and at least 38 editors spanning 28 Nordic media.

 Arlanda Tech Brief-1-88

TechBrief 2017 is taking place next week, and we can now proudly announce the updated brand list. This year’s brand list consists of 9 strong brands: all are well-known for their consumer tech products.

This year’s participating brands are:

• LG
• TP-Link
• Cooler Master
• Ben Q
• Wacom
• Creative / SoundblasterX
• Kingston / Hyper X
• Blue
• Acer

The brands will give an exciting 20 minute presentation about new products or technologies or other tech-related stuff, and the rest of the day is dedicated toto interesting dialogue and networking with leading brands and media within the tech field. You can check out the updated TechBrief 2017 agenda here.

At the moment we have conformation from 38 Nordic tech editors, spanning 28 media, so every brand has great opportunity for coverage. We expect conformation from more editors this week, and the final media list will be announced a couple of days ahead of the event.

We will be posting more news about TechBrief on this blog.

3 months until TechBrief 2017

By related | 11 Jul 2017

As today, it’s exactly three months left before the date we all is very excited and looking forward to is here; October 12th. And that date is of course when the exclusive TechBrief 2017 open its doors to exhibitors and media in Stockholm.

Right now, we have the strongest line-up ever since TechBrief started 4 years ago. And more international consumer brands will be added as we get closer to the event.

  • Acer
  • Cooler Master
  • Kingston Technology
  • HyperX
  • LG
  • Blue Microphones
  • TP-Link
  • BenQ

This year it will be slightly different from previous years. It will be 1 day exclusively, and that day is going to be filled with presentations, technology, media meetings and networking. Around 40-45 consumer tech-media editors from all Nordic territories will excitedly take part of the consumer product launches, all the new technology, and to feel the great vibe that TechBrief spreads.

The TechBrief team is really looking forward to seeing and meeting both brands and media soon.

Great news coverage of TechBrief

By related | 20 Oct 2016

After TechBrief, 45 Nordic editors left Arlanda filled with input on new and interesting products and technologies from the 10 participating brands.

Now –  one week after the event – we begin to see these input turn into great coverage of the brands and products showcased at TechBrief. It is important to emphasize that TechBrief isn’t a shortcut to some fast coverage; rather it should be a long-term investment with the aim of establishing media relations; where brands and editors can meet face-to-face in an informal setting and build valuable relationships.

Nevertheless, it is great to see that many of the editors conduct thorough reportages and news articles in the wake of the event, which we would like to share with you.

We know that more media have articles and videos in the pipeline, so we will keep a close eye on their news feeds in the coming weeks (and we encourage all participating brands to do the same).

Seeds were planted for some great future coverage; interviews were given, products where filmed, reviews coordinated. And not lest; new relationships between brands and editors were established, which we hope will grow and thrive in the future.

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