The TechBrief DNA

TechBrief is founded on three pillars – that we call the TechBrief DNA – and that characterize all TechBrief events:

Many to many

TechBrief is built on the idea of many brands attending a joint press event attended by many editors. From an editor perspective, this allows for collecting a great deal of new information from several brands in a short time, thereby offering good value for time. From a brand perceptive, this is an opportunity to get in touch with some of the most important editors within the tech domain; it also provides a good ROI because shared participation from brands means shared costs.

To the point

We often refer to TechBrief as a “no-bullshit event”. For editors it is in and out in just one day. During this time brands share the stage and time to present their products and technologies to the editors, which forces them to focus on their most relevant stories, products and technologies.

This approach is also reflected in the 20 minute presentation – the brief – that participating brands get to deliver to the crowd of editors during each TechBrief event. Twenty minutes isn’t much. But we know from experience that it is just enough to cut to the bone and deliver a spot-on and relevant brief about the hottest, coolest and most innovative products and technologies.

Building media relations

In an ever-changing media landscape, brands are struggling to get their voices heard. TechBrief isn’t a shortcut to some fast coverage – though that often is an added bonus. Rather, it should be seen as a long-term investment with the aim of establishing media relations; where brands and editors can meet face-to-face in an informal setting and build valuable relationships.