The idea

Due to tight deadlines and busy workdays, journalists are often struggling to find time to participate in press events held by individual vendors. Consequently, it takes a great deal of leverage to secure the number of media representatives needed to ensure a satisfactory return on the often quite significant investment it is to hold this type of event.

In realization of this, the Nordic PR agency Related has developed the event concept TechBrief.


TechBrief was first held in 2013 in Copenhagen for the Danish tech and lifestyle press with great success.

In 2014 the concept was expanded to a 2-day Pan-Nordic event with editors from Sweden and Denmark (day 1) and Norway and Finland (day 2). In 2016 TechBrief had grown further and when it kicked off on Swedish soil in the heart of Scandinavia in Stockholm the media attendance was record high; 45 editors spanning tier 1 media in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark guested TechBrief.

In 2017, TechBrief was for the first time held as a one-day-event with all editors from all Nordic countries attending the same day. Both the presentation and exhibition areas had expanded, yet the intimate atmosphere was maintained. This was a great success and TechBrief will therefore remain a one-day-event.

Over the course of five years, TechBrief has grown into a well-established event concept that editors look forward to attending. And many brands join year after year.

The concept

TechBrief is a joint large-scale press event where some of the world’s biggest tech brands within consumer electronics  join forces and present their newest products and technologies to a crowd of Nordic tier 1 editors.

The event constitutes two parts; a presentation block in the first part of the day followed by a TechBrief exhibition in the afternoon.

Part 1: During the first part of the day, participating brands get to deliver a 20 minute brief – hence the name TechBrief – to attending press (no other brands are allowed access).

Part 2: After an informal and enjoyable lunch allowing brands and media to socialize and network, the doors to the TechBrief product exhibition open. At the exhibition all participating brands exhibit their products and technologies, and brand representatives are ready to deliver exciting product demonstrations while editors can get to experience for themselves the products and technologies that were presented in the morning hours. The stage is set for networking, interviews, coordinating product tests, etc.